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National Register Historic Sites and Historic Districts Within the Rural Heritage Trust Area

The number immediately preceding the name of each historic site and historic district listed below is the applicable National Register Information System number, as maintained by the U. S. Secretary of the Interior. Using that number or the name, additional information about each site or district can be obtained at https://www.nps.gov/nr/

Arlington (Shelby County)
82004038, Arlington Historic District, Brown, Campbell, Chester, and Quintard Streets

Barretville (Shelby County)
07000533, Squire’s Rest, 8993 Barret Road

Bartlett (Shelby County)
02000236, Nicholas Gotten House, 2969 Court Street
94000577, John H. McFadden House, 3712 Broadway
75001787, Davies Manor, 9336 Davies Plantation Road

Brighton (Tipton County)
80003875, Rhodes House, southeast of Brighton on Clopton-Gainesville Road

Capleville (Shelby County)
79002459, Capleville Methodist Church, 5053 Shelby Drive

Charleston (Tipton County)
02000811, Charleston United Methodist Church and Cemetery, Covington- Stanton Road

Collierville (Shelby County)
87000397, Greenlevel, 853 South Collierville-Arlington Road
90001763, John M. Fleming Home Place, 1545 South Byhalia Road
91000314, Joseph A. Campbell House, 215 South Street.
90000305, Collierville Historic District, roughly north and south Rowlett Street and Poplar Avenue
88002627, Crisscross Lodge, 10056 Poplar Avenue
91000315, Jack Dudney House, 90 West Poplar Avenue
91000313, J. W. Houston House, 259 South Center Street
91000316, John B. McFerrin House, 156 West Poplar Avenue
91000312, John W. Thomas House, 245 West Poplar Avenue

Cordova (Shelby County)
90000320, Walter Granville Allen, House, 8504 Macon Road
02000011, Mt. Airy, 10700 Latting Road

Eads (Shelby County)
95000292, Wells School, 4140 Collierville-Arlington Road

Elba (Fayette County)
78002587, Miller House, Raleigh-LaGrange Road

Germantown (Shelby County)
75001786, Germantown Baptist Church, 2216 Germantown Road
91000623, Germantown Redoubt, Honey Tree Drive south of the junction with Poplar Pike
86002913, Nelson-Kirby House, 6792 Poplar Pike

Oakland (Fayette County)
02000235, Oakland Presbyterian Church, 14733-14799 Church Street (TN Highway 194, near U. S. Highway 64)

Macon (Fayette)
85002910, Mebane-Nuckolls House, Macon-Collierville Road

Mason (Tipton County)
84003719, Trinity Church, Main Street
97000039, Old Trinity Episcopal Church, Charleston Road, 4 miles northeast of Mason

Rosemark (Shelby County)
13000400, Rosemark Historic District, 8501-8790 Kerrville-Rosemark Road and 8519-8727 and 8739 Rosemark Road

Rossville (Fayette County)
01000726, Rossville Historic District, roughly along Main, Second, and Front Streets

Southeast of Covington (Tipton County)
84003716, Mt. Carmel Presbyterian Church, Mt. Carmel Road

Stanton (Tipton County)
13000125, Oak Hill Farm, 1280 Keeling Road


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